You'll find shelves packed with Italian Wines, olives, peppers, capers, and a lot of different Olive Oils & Balsamic Vinegars.  You'll also see pasta, tomatoes, beans & rices,  as well as frozen raviolis, pizza, gelato, and most anything you can think of that's ITALIAN!  



Whats inside

In the "The Hill" Neighborhood

Urzi's  Italian  Market

We can fresh slice locally made salami, prosciutto, mortadells, pepperoni or any other lunchmeat or cheese your appetite desires.  We also make fresh sandwiches and salads, that can be eaten outside in front of the market.  Finish off with locally made gelato or lemon ice!

You'll be amazed at our wide selection of bulk and jarred spices.  Our most popular spice is our "Urzi's

Special Italian Seasoning", which we make in house.

Along with the "Bread Dipping Spice" and "Fancy Garlic Pepper",are the most requested spices in the market!

Wine tasting

Saturday February 8th




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